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How Many Miles Do Tires Last?

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Most new tires that are straight from the manufacturer, as well as high-quality replacement tires, can be expected to have a tire life around 50,000 miles. But this doesn’t mean they should be left alone for that entire period of time! Making sure you’re keeping up with proper tire rotation schedules is an important part of improving your tire’s life. Learn more about how many miles your tires should last and how you can prevent them from prematurely blowing out with the experts at Red Wing Chevrolet Buick. Our service center by Prescott has come to make sure that you’re staying safe on the road by answering these important questions.

What Factors Affect Tires’ Life Expectancy?

There are two different answers depending on if you’re asking, “How many miles do tires last” and “How many miles should tires last”, with each being influenced by a number of conditions when you’re driving around Zumbrota. Some of these factors that can influence your tire life include: 

  • Type of tire: High-performance tires have extra grip but may wear faster than all-season tires, which have less rolling resistance.
  • Treadwear rating: Your tires also come with a treadwear rating, which rates the life expectancy of the tire treads.
  • Drivetrain: Tires wear differently on front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive vehicles, because of where the main power for forward motion comes from.
  • Road conditions: If you have to drive on gravel or dirt roads regularly, or you encounter construction, snow, salt, rain, and ice, your tires will take more of a beating. If you plan to use your vehicle for off-roading, this will make a big difference as well.
  • Terrain: If you live in an area with inclines on the roads, more friction on the tires is required to start and stop the vehicle than on flat surfaces.
  • Driving habits: Having a lead foot on the gas and brakes will wear out your tires faster than accelerating gradually and letting coasting do some braking work.

Tire Care Tips to Improve Tire Life

In addition to having a more cautious habit when you’re driving, there are some other ways that Cannon Falls drivers can improve or extend the life of their tires. 

  • Ensure that your vehicle has proper air in its tires by using air stations when you fill up your tank at a gas station
  • Regularlyinspect tire tread depth for tire tread wear.
  • Ensure you’re keeping up with rotating your tiresfor more even distribution of tire wear.
  • Take your vehicle in for regularly scheduled maintenance.

Extend the Life of Your Tires at Red Wing Chevrolet Buick

The experienced service team at Red Wing Chevrolet Buick is ready to answer any additional questions you might have— all you need to do is contact us to speak to them. Making sure that your vehicle is staying up to date with proper maintenance can go a long way to make sure your vehicle lasts for years to come. 


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